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Leaders for Regional Prosperity

The 495/MetroWest Partnership, through a unique public-private collaboration with businesses, municipalities, and other stakeholders, is the regional leader for creating an environment that prepares for and cultivates sustainable growth. We accomplish this by coordinating, educating, and advocating for solutions to regional constraints and limited natural resources. 

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Can 'The MetroWest Miracle' Sustain Itself? - February 2018

Companies offer private bus services to get young workers to commute from cities to the suburbs - December 2017


Strength in Numbers 2018 Edition

The 495 MetroWest Partnership is pleased to announce the latest edition of our demographic report for the region's 35 communities. Over the course of a year, the region has experienced significant growth in a number of notable areas, demonstrating the region's continued transformation into one of Massachusetts' most promising areas for employers, jobs, and quality of life. Highlights include:

-Over $24 Billion in annual payroll, up $1.5 Billion since the 2017 Report;

- A highly educated workforce, with 57.6% of the population holding a bachelor's degree or higher; and

-  A 67% commercial real estate pricing advantage when compared to Boston and Cambridge markets.

These highlights are only a small sampling of the region's achievements during the past year. To view the full report, click here.

If communities or employers in the 495/MetroWest region are interested in specific town data, please visit the 495MW Community Reports 2018 page under Resources.


2018/2019 Annual Report

Be sure to check out our 2018-2019 Annual Report:

Partnering for the Region, Succeeding for the Commonwealth!


MetroWest Daily News Coverage of 2018 Annual Conference:


Gov. Charlie Baker vows to upgrade core MBTA infrastructure


495/MetroWest report highlights success in regional economy



!NEW!   495/MetroWest Commercial Real Estate Report by CBRE|New England

For a number of years the 495/MetroWest Partnership has commissioned an annual Real Estate Report.  We are pleased to announce a new partnership with CBRE|New England on this valuable resource analyzing the commercial real estate market in the 495/MetroWest Region.  We are happy to share the new report in support of our mission to advance the economic growth in our region.  Click on the image below to download the 2018 Report.



495/MetroWest Suburban Edge Community Commission

!NEW! - 495/MetroWest SECC Report Released

The 495/ MetroWest Suburban Edge Community Commission was established by the Legislature in Section 233 of Chapter165 of the Session Laws of 2015. The commission looked at development challenges experienced by edge communities, including transportation, water, cellular, and energy infrastructure, transit services, residential development, reuse of former industrial facilities and historic mills, brownfields reclamation, downtown redevelopment and other such constraints. The Commission's Report was approved in a draft form at their January 2018 meeting and finalized in February 2018. All elements of the Report can be found on the SECC website.  The commission focused its investigation and study on the 35 municipalities served by the 495/MetroWest Corridor Partnership, Inc. 

Media Coverage

Boston Globe - 2/16/18

Worcester Business Journal - 2/1/18

MetroWest Daily News Coverage - 7/18/16



Life Sciences in 495/MetroWest


On February 15, 2018, at a forum cohosted by Sunovion Pharmaceuticals, the Partnership released its latest resource highlighting the importance of the life sciences industry cluster to our regional economy as well as its impact on the Commonwealth's leadership in life sciences.  This strong life science presence in 495/MetroWest directly links the Commonwealth's two other life science hubs, namely Boston and Worcester. 

The forum featured a panel of distinguished guests discussing the importance of the life science sector and culture from state, regional, local and industry perspective.  We are grateful for the participation by Massachusetts Secretary of Housing & Economic Development Jay Ash, President & CEO of the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center (MLSC) Travis McCready, President & CEO of Massachusetts Biotechnology Council Robert Coughlin, and Executive Director of the Marlborough Economic Development Corporation Meredith Harris.  The panel was moderated by the Partnership's Executive Director, Paul Matthews, following his presentation on the Partnership's findings on the life science impact on the 495/MetroWest Region.  See resource links below.

NEW!! CLICK HERE to see the highlights video!




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MetroWest Daily News

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