Strength in Numbers 2016 Edition

Highlights include:

-A $1.5 billion increase in regional payroll;

-Unemployment far below state and national averages; and

-A 3.5% growth in regional employers.

These highlights are only a small sampling of the region's achievements during the past year. To view the full report, click here.

If communities or employers in the 495/MetroWest region are interested in specific town data, please contact the Partnership staff.



2015 Strengthening Numbers

The Partnership is pleased to announce that the 495/MetroWest region's numbers have only strengthened since last year.  In addition to valuable regional analysis, this year we are also offering individual community data for our 35 municipalities!  Be sure to check out the full report and contact Partnership staff for community specific information.  Here are some of the highlights:

  • Regional Annual Payroll jumped from $19 Billion to over $21 Billion in this year's report.
  • The 459/MetroWest region is responsible for 1 in every 11 jobs in Massachusetts.
  • The Region has a very well educated workforce, with over 53% holding a bachelor's degree or higher.
  • Business confidence continues to be high, with 70% of responding employers believing the economy will improve over the year.



2013 Strength in Numbers 

The 495/MetroWest Partnership is pleased to release Strength In Numbers, providing an important update to the region’s demographic data.

This report was developed in pursuit of the Partnership’s mission.  We recognize the strength in numbers, and the 495/MetroWest region’s numbers demonstrate the value of our 33 communities to the overall economic strength of the Commonwealth. Given our educated workforce, payroll numbers, jobs and employers, the 495/MetroWest region continues to offer a high return on investment for the Commonwealth, a vibrant and diverse employment base, and an excellent quality of life.

Just a few of the region’s impressive numbers include:

• 1 in every 12 jobs in Massachusetts is located in the 495/MetroWest region.
• $19 billion annual payroll, or 1 in every 10 payroll dollars in the Commonwealth.
• 55.8% of the 495/MetroWest region’s population has earned bachelor’s degree or higher.
• The 495/MetroWest region’s unemployment rate has been consistently lower than both the state’s and nation’s.

The Partnership is pleased to aggregate these important statistics in our effort to ensure the region’s continued economic success and prosperity.

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