The Massachusetts: It's All Here marketing campaign was launched as a public-private partnership between the Commonwealth's Department of Business Development, MassEcon, MassDevelopment, the Massachusetts International Trade Council, and regional Economic Development Councils like the 495/MetroWest Partnership.  The campaign is committed to promoting Massachusetts as a globally competitive, innovative, dynamic and diverse state in an effort to retain existing employers and attract new employers and jobs.


The goals of the It's All Here campaign include: 

  • Maximizing job growth and regional economic prosperity in Massachusetts;
  • Strengthening Massachusetts businesses;
  • Increasing capital investment in the Commonwealth;
  • Supporting all regions and communities in Massachusetts;
  • Recruiting and retaining young talent in the Commonwealth;
  • Retaining our highly valued workforce;
  • Support technology and innovation;
  • Supporting small business and entrepreneurship; and
  • Supporting a diversity of innovative industries.

It's All Here is a constantly growing network of those committed to establishing Massachusetts as the destination of choice for every business, young mind and new idea contemplating a home in the Bay State.