November 2011 Visioning Sessions

PowerPoint Presentation from the November 2011 Presentations 

Regional Priority Map

The following map highlights the Regionally Significant Priority Development (PDA) and Priority Preservation (PPA) Areas  for each of the 37 municipalities in the study region.  This map is the result of a transparent, thoughtful and comprehensive screening process, based on the project's six fundamental principals, by Central Massachusetts Regional Planning Commission and the Metropolitan Area Planning Council in coordination with the Compact Project Team.   The Regional Screening performed on the local PDAs and PPAs will serve to guide investment of limited resources. 

Regionally Significant Priority Areas Map

 (Includes PDA, PPA, and PDA/PPA)

Regionally Significant Priority Areas Table


Regionally Significant Atlas Maps

Agricultural and Historical Resources


Environmental Justice 


Environmental Resources 


Land Use


Transportation Infrastructure


Sewer Infrastructure


Water Resources