495/MetroWest Creative Economy Network


The 495/MetroWest Creative Economy Network is a regional effort that will accelerate the economic growth of the area's creative industries. The network will work with the Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development to implement the Commonwealth's Action Agenda to support and grow the creative economy. Massachusetts defines the creative industries to include without limitation the many interlocking industry sectors that center on providing creative services such as advertising, architecture or creating and promoting intellectual property products such as arts, films, computer games, multimedia, or design.

        • *Marketing: Advertising and marketing agencies and professionals
        • *Architecture: Architecture firms and architects
        • *Visual Arts & Craft: Museums, galleries, curators, artists, artisans, and makers
        • *Design: Product, interior, graphic and fashion design firms and designers
        • *Film & Media: Film, animation, TV, and radio businesses, organizations, and talent
        • *Digital Games: Companies, programmers and individuals producing games
        • *Music & Entertainment: Venues, theaters, producers, and musicians and performers
        • *Publishing: Print or electronic businesses and content creators, editors, and writers
        • (more at http://www.mass.gov/hed/economic/industries/creative/createmass.html)
In order to address the creative economy on a regional level, the state launched a Creative Economy Network Initiative, of which the 495/MetroWest Creative Economy Network is currently one of six across the Commonwealth.

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495/MetroWest Partnership & MetroWest Visitors Bureau

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